Where you live matters now more than ever!

As I was walking with our dog this morning it just hit me – it is becoming ever so important to choose where you live.

I mean we all probably know those studies saying:

“…where you live matters a lot. It influences how you and your kids spend your free time, whom you meet and and what you talk about. It influences your job and income including your IQ…”

But that’s not what I mean. For me, a place where I live was always a place that I felt was inspiring and worthy of researching. Place where you can discover and be surprised. I was choosing locations which for me had some energy and the right vibe; good food and drinks, coffee shops, and tech scene are part of that vibe. And if that’s close to the mountains and beach it never hurts, right. Think Barcelona or Milan but there’re many others less crowded and less known.

I feel that in some moments, including now, I have compromised on the selection. I compromised because it was so easy to make up for the pieces missing by traveling anywhere. And traveling included relatively limited hassle. That kind of put the where you live decision on the second track.

Do you miss a good tech vibe and international crowd? Let’s go to Berlin or London for a few days or weeks. Do you miss great food and wine along with mountains and beach, let’s go to Milan or Riva del Garda. You miss all of that, let’s see if Barcelona or New York can fix it.

Well, what about now boy? Will I be able to make up for missing pieces by traveling with covid-19 craziness? Will I want to go through the post-covid-19 travel annoyances which will surely come?

The choice of the place where we live might have just become even more important than ever! Especially if we are forced to spend extended periods of time here or in close proximity to here.

I already miss my travels…

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