What I really miss during lockdown

What I really miss during lockdown is actually very simple. I miss the city with just the right amount of people. But let’s see my two biggest pains:

Coffee shops: You could say that I’m a coffee shop rat. It started many years ago when I did travel almost weekly to different countries and clients on consulting jobs.

After the hotel bar novelty wears off, you discover the simple reality – everything can be done in a local coffee shop. You can find out what the city and country are about, you can meet new people, or you can just do some work and all along you can enjoy (sometimes great) coffee or drink and some food. There’s never a lack of sensory stimulation in a coffee shop, right.

So yes, the first thing I’m doing when restaurants, coffee shops, and bars reopen, I’m spending a month working from coffee shops. I will probably have to make up for this by taking my wife to dinner outside regularly too.

Walking the city: I also miss walking. It may sound strange from a person who walks a dog two or three times a day, but I mean different kinds of walking. The social walking around the city, from an office to a meeting, from meeting to meeting. Stopping for a coffee or a drink to meet people or just to take a break. That feels to me like one of the most important benefits of living in a livable city. This also is a direct opposite of living in the wilderness and definition of an unlivable city if you can’t do that.

So what’s your missing piece of “normal” pre-covid life?

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