Thoughts on Post Covid19 Tourism

There’s a lot to say about tourism post coronavirus, but I just want to point out the sustainability point, because I feel this time gives a unique opportunity to everyone involved to refocus on this part.

I’ve tweeted about it before:

I think we got into this kind of frenzy where everyone traveled just because they can. And companies and managers got lazy and shipped people around the globe for meetings, just because they could. All that stopped now and I hope it will never restart back to pre-covid era.

Travel should be viewed as a long term time investment and treated as such. You don’t fly somewhere to show your face for 2 hours or to deliver a speech. In case you do, you should feel the burden of CO2 spilled, transit filled, traffic jams and crowded streets, free spaces turned into hotels…

Prices never reflected these elements and they hardly ever can. But society can look at these behaviors as “not wanted” and in the same way as we learned to distance ourselves from people without masks (and make them feel unwanted), we can make excessive travelers feel unwanted and penalized. Who else knows better why are you traveling than you yourself and people you are meeting on the other side of your travel.

What do you think?

Looking forward to hearing from you @42opinionz.

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