Thoughts on Post Covid19 Supply Chains

I have recently tweeted a few post covid19 supply chain thoughts. That was sparked by a number of talks on FT, Bloomberg, and NYTimes focused on the topics related to supply chains.

I should say that most of these thoughts are rather wishes which have costs attached to them and hence may end up as temporary ideas that will be abandoned soon under returning price pressure. They may also end-up being mandated by some governments or large corporations and that would make them a bit more sticky.

One clear winner will be digitalization. No matter what stress and audit tools and regionalization or federalization, all participants will wanna get more transparency and real-time information. Which may, in turn, will allow for more robust modeling and stress-testing which could potentially lead back to a justification of more regionalized and clustered models of production and supply chains.

I’m am curious to see the shifts starting to take place within the next 12-18 months.

Is anyone already seeing examples or directly planning changes? Looking forward to any comments @42opinionz.

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