Conference organizers – you’ll do better with low-tech

This is a pledge to conference organizers that they can do better with simple and low tech solutions. By better I mean they can provide better user experience to any visitor before the conference starts.

I have always visited a relatively large amount of conferences, summits, and events with long sleeves of program plans. And as many of you, I have mostly been horrified and disappointed by the user-unfriendliness of conference registration, planning, and networking tools.

I never understood, why is it so hard to add an easy way to create my own version of the program? Why do I have to register and login to see it? Or worse, why am I forced to use unusable app which inevitably leads me to print twenty pages of the program to find what I wanna visit?

What I mean is there has to be a simpler way! It should be as simple as possible to register for the conference and to choose one’s favorite speakers or tracks or sessions!

You can make it as simple as letting me add stars to sessions I like and sending me a summary email with times and names of the sessions. It will do the initial trick better than almost anything I’ve seen in the past decade.

I mean, you can have a sophisticated app too, but let me decided if I need your complicated and typically slow app (if it works at all) for anything or I just want to quickly build my agenda based on speakers and topics. It will rock your world as well as mine.

See a small example from #WordCamp #Prague event; little stars around sessions below indicate my interest – I didn’t need to register or login to make them…

…and when I finished going through the program I type an email in and receive this simple summary with all my starred sessions and link to their more detailed descriptions.

email content as a sample only

Now what you can also do, being a conference or a meetup organizer, is to send me a reminder with my ticket on the morning of the day when the conference starts. This is the time most of us will search for it anyway. Again simple yet very effective.

Why don’t more organizers use simple and straightforward ways to make the experience better? Save your money, make it easy and fast. It matters more than flashy app!

Please, just think about it when you’ll organize your next event!

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