Best music set #1 for working from home

This is the first from the short series of music-focused posts which for now replace my weekly “3 best links”.

I am a big fan of music for work and I believe that calm and relaxing music is now an essential ingredient for our ability to enjoy working from home (alone or in pairs) and for keeping calm.

Here we go: I’m starting with an album which I believe was recommended some time ago in one of the 5-Bullet Fridays from great Tim Ferriss. At least I hope it was him 😉

Cigarettes After Sex is an amazing band with mellow and calming tunes. The recent one is called Cry and it will provide you with smooth tunes and songs almost indistinguishable from one another. And no, it won’t make you cry…

Last Album – Cry – from great Cigarettes After Sex


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