3 best links for the week ending May 17, 2020

After a while, I have found three cool links that I remembered to save. This week I would like to share with you a set which will make you, I hope, dream and think all while listening to probably the best chill music in existence.

Let’s see it! Here is the collection of three for the week:

#1 I dare you to become a dreamer and wanderer again!
This older video from Eric-Wanderers is just a great reminder of why we evolve as humans. It’s because there’s a human explorer in all of us. In some of us more, in some of us less, but we all have him/her inside. Enjoy these few minutes and wander…

#2 Think about uncertainty for a moment with Howard Marks memo
The memo I link here is the newest one from Oak Tree Capital’s Howard Marks but it’s lightweight on finance and heavy on quotes which will get you thinking about uncertainty and personal biases.


#3 The chill music list I’ve almost forgot about
Cafe del Mar vol 1-10, do I need to say more?


Find a bit of time to enjoy the upcoming week with these links!

For any comments and suggestions find me on twitter @42opinionz.

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